Lauren. 20-something. Bloomsburg, PA. Self-proclaimed Writer.

Some days I like pink and pastel and ballerina slippers. Others I like leather and red and black and lace-up boots. My love for Chinese food, however, never falters.

I consistently reblog:
-Animal Crossing
-Attack on Titan
-Fire Emblem

Plays: Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem


My friend Ed is AMAZING. Not only did he win then give me the Chandra gameday playmat, but he also made this awesome, playable Chandra with me as the art. ASDFGHJKL: I don’t even know how to repay him for all this!

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    That escalated quickly. There is a girl I’m friends with, and she acted like I gave her a diamond when I bought her...
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    At first I was like "Oh neat Magic stuff" And then those comments were unexpected.Fucking asshole.
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    Three cheers for that perfect comeback right there.
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    I am so jealous! Also love the rebuttal. :D
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